Vertical gardens have proved to be a blessing for plant lovers. With changing times and modernization of the world we live in, vertical gardens are rapidly gaining in popularity and are emerging as one of the most innovative and sensible trends.

In metropolitan cities where we see a space crunch often, these new techniques of accommodating the nature inside a small and limited space are indeed creative and appreciable. Who doesn’t love those green blankets and the freshness they render to the ambiance? With few creative techniques and modern ways, you can set up a personalized and beautiful garden in your home or commercial space which will not only make your place look greener and will add freshness, but will also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Particularly, if you are a plant lover, you are going to thank us for this post!

Few simple ways…

Attaching the plant containers or the pots to the wall or hanging them in the balcony is a common practice. You can use this method to add a green cover to your home or office while making it look more fancy and beautiful. One can also get a personalized frame made up a strong and durable material. Get a frame which has the horizontal rows containing the plant holders or the earthen pot stands. You can then place your favorite plants into those spaces and it is sure to enhance the look of your balcony or verandah or terrace while adding the freshness to the atmosphere.

Living wall? Green wall!

Another modern and probably the most important technique of utilizing small spaces for planting plants or gardens is the ‘living green wall’. It is a system in which the artificial wall or a wall with a suitable media such as the soil or any other substrate is installed to plant vertical gardens. This is the best innovative way of installing the vertical garden indoors, inside your office cabin or your living room. Such systems can prove to be highly beneficial and advantageous as planting the gardens inside such spaces can purify the air while improving the ambiance. It creates a blissful and fresh atmosphere and improves creativity and productivity. It is also proved to be highly beneficial for attracting the positivity inside. Many big companies are installing vertical gardens inside their office space. However, such a system can also be installed inside the small space of the house. You can customize the vertical garden according to the space available in your home. It will be the best makeover for your living room and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of air, cool temperature, aesthetics of the wall, and overall ambiance of your room or the office space. Your guests are going to love and will surely appreciate the same. Also, if you are installing the vertical garden inside your house or any other building, then such systems often come with an in-built water supply arrangement which is highly efficient and durable.

The plants that fit!

Choosing the right plants according to your room and house is also a great idea. If your living room is not exposed to sunlight through any sun-facing windows, you can choose to install the plants which require low sunlight and can grow in dim lights as well. Make sure to keep yourself updated with the wide range of plants available that require different growing conditions which are available in an indoor space. This way, you can effectively make a well-planted garden inside the small space. Plant lovers! Go and give your living room a green cover now! We are sure you cannot resist bringing in the freshness of nature inside your house. Having a small space inside your house can no more stop you from having your own garden. Vertical gardens are the new-age solution that brings innovation to the traditional planting methods.

Walls do speak, give them life!