A temple is the most sacred place at home. Especially in an Indian society, a temple is considered to be the most auspicious place. Belonging to a highly religious society, we believe that a temple in the home, set up in a right manner in accordance with the Vastu Shastra laws, can bring in prosperity, happiness, and peace in the house. Praying and meditation, however, has always proven to produce magical results in our lives. It is an integral part of our lives and also an important one. Although it is practical, not possible for all the people living in urban states to dedicate a complete room for the temple or set up a separate prayer room, you can dedicate a special, clean and auspicious small space in your house for the temple. Setting up a temple or a prayer room in your home is definitely a right decision. It is considered to be auspicious and fruitful for the house and its occupants. To seek the utmost blessings of the Almighty on you and your family members, consider following Vastu tips.

The right direction

The north-east direction is considered to be the most auspicious location for setting up the temple in your home. The North-East corner is also called the ‘Ishan Kona’ and it is believed to attract all the energy towards it and transform into positive energy. If you place your temple in the North-East direction, you choose the most auspicious location for the temple in your home. You can also place the temple at the center of the house.

The right height

While setting up the temple, remember not to place it on the floor. Consider raising it to an appropriate height. Do not keep the height too low or too high.

Be careful with the photos and idols

You should not keep the multiple photos or idols of the same God or Goddesses in the temple. Also, avoid keeping the idols which are broken or damages from anywhere. Don’t clutter the temple space or the place around it. Do not place the photos of dead or the ancestors of the family in the temple. It is considered inauspicious.

Use the wood.

Wood is considered to be an auspicious element. While constructing the temple, it is highly recommended to use the wood or the marble. Both of these elements are considered pure and divine. A temple made up of wood or marble is believed to attract the positive energy in the house.

Decorate the temple the right way.

Use the fresh flowers and incense candles, dhoop etc to maintain a divine and sacred ambiance. Do not keep the dustbins or other unnecessary accessories near the temple. A temple is a sacred place and tries to cut the clutter as much as you can. A place that is littered or cluttered attracts negative energy and in a place like a temple, littering must be avoided and controlled.