Bachelor life is all famous for being messy and unorganised. So is their room. This is a vast topic which has been discussed time and again by various interior designers and the Millenials looking forward to marriage. Think about a bachelor’s room.

What is the first thing that would come to your mind the moment you enter into it? Though every person differs in some or the other way, in most cases, you’ll instantly feel how unorganised it is! Messy is the word which defines a bachelor’s home in general.

There is a difference in lifestyle and various requirements in a single life and in a bachelor’s life. Therefore, the design, organization and decor of a bachelor’s and couple home would evidently differ a lot. If you’ve found your soulmate and are planning to get hitched shortly, it’s the high time that you should start thinking about revamping your house to make it a love nest or rather a family home!

Make your room a love nest!

A couple’s home means making space for two people with two different interests and taste blending in together. It is as much interesting as tricky it sounds! Not only will you both be understanding each other’s taste, their requirements and needs in a better way, but also, it will be a lot of fun doing the re-designing together!

To help you get sorted with all the re-arrangements, additions, subtractions and de-cluttering of your bachelor home, here we are with some amazing tips! Since a bachelor home of a girl and a boy would differ greatly, we suggest looking at both of them separately.

If you are a Bachelorette, then your room would probably all rosy, organized and decked up with pretty girly things. On the other hand, a room of a bachelor may have posters of their favourite bikes, actor, etc. It would also be messier than usual. Therefore, this suggests that revamping a bachelor home for a girl and a boy takes different approaches. Check out the following tips to transform a bachelor’s house into a couple’s home.

Some of the basic things to consider

While renovating your house into a love nest for you and your partner, there are certain basic things which you must keep in mind. Since you’re moving into another phase of life with your partner, she becomes a part of your life in every walk. Same applies to your room. Therefore, you need to see your room have enough space for two people.

Also, the architecture of your home should be checked to see if your room has enough privacy. For this matter, the partitions, doors and window treatments might need to be given a revamp. Also, the in-room space should also be checked if they’re ready to accommodate the belongings of two people. Wardrobes, spaces and seat should be checked if they’re sufficient for two people .

Refurbish your bedroom

If you’re looking for where to start renovating your home to make it a couple’s house, here it is: start with your bedroom. Not just the beds, you would require to change some colours as well. Play with the contrast between the walls and furniture. You can also add the Vastu tips in refurbing your bedroom.

Include Vastu tips

Vastu Shastra is an age-old principle of smart architecture which is said to invite peace, harmony and prosperity in your home. It also offers great ideas to place your furniture in the right way and choose the right colours for your bedroom.

We recommend avoiding very bright and vibrant colours in your bedroom. Rather, play with the calmer, soothing colours to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Also, it’s time to ditch that Bachelor single bed. Choose a spacious king-size or queen-size bed with the side-tables on both the side to keep a book, laptop, mobile phones, etc. Make sure the bed has enough room for two people.

Walls and furniture, play it well!

Redesign your curtains, you can also add some painting and photo frames to make the aura more personal and help your partner feel the belongingness. Your partner is soon going to enter the world of yours. While they leave their room to create a new world for both of you, it is important that they should feel invited, welcomed and a sense of belongingness.

Adding photo frames with some sweet picture of you both would help them to adjust faster to this new place, besides your love and pampering. You might also need to add an extra chair-table ot a small couch according to the available space. This area would bee an ideal one to spend some quality time together or maybe just sipping your coffee or having an in-bed breakfast early morning.

Some more space!

A more spacious almirah or cupboard and a dressing table suitable for accommodating pretty things are also other things which you need to add or change. So, make sure that you prepare well in advance to make your soon-to-be partner feel homely at the new place. These little efforts and changes you’ll make will surely help them overcome the sudden separation from their parent’s house and will also help them to accept and enjoy at their new house.

Lightings are other important elements which needs to be taken into consideration while renovating your bedroom to make it a love nest for a couple. Lightings need to be soft and subtle with a combining touch of warm colours.

Brighten up the mood, not just lights!

One bright light in the room and several small, soft lights with a little bit of mood lighting is a great idea for the couple’s room lighting. You can also keep the floor lamps and humidifiers, air diffusers to your room for playing something extra and new. We’re sure that your partner would love it and it will create an environment of peace, harmony and love!

Excited to transform your bachelor’s house in a couple’s home? We’re sure you’ve got some idea about the same now. So, how are you planning to renovate your room?