Pooja room is one of the most special, important and sacred places in almost all Indian homes. In a country like India, a home can never be complete without a designated pooja space or “mandir”. No matter what religion the people follow, a holy place is generally the most common as well essential feature in a home.

Lately, the residential projects in many of the metropolitan cities developing at a rapid pace like Gurgaon have taken a very contemporary turn. The residential projects developed recently focuses on developing a “home” rather than just a residential structure. That’s why, it is obvious why it cannot avoid incorporating a very elegant, sophisticated yet beautiful, calm and peaceful “pooja” room in it.

With Pooja room being an essential part of every Indian household, there are a number of things available in the market which can actually help you set up one in no time, minimal investment and happy heart! If you’re not happy with the set up of your existing pooja room or if you are planning to buy a house lately, these tips can help you have a simple yet beautiful and peaceful Pooja room in your house. Below listed are some of the amazing ideas for setting up a simple and elegant pooja room in your house.

Wall-mounted, compact Pooja spaces

Wall-mounted Pooja Rooms
Wall-mounted Pooja Rooms. Image Source: Forum.Hipcouch

In the present scenario, the flat system and the increased demand for housing have caused some severe space crunch in most of the cities. Also, a trend of compact homes has also begun to emerge. Wall-mounted pooja spaces are most common in most of the households.

However, small space should not mean un-appealing pooja space. There are certain ways in which you can play well with these pooja spaces. You can add some elegant cabinet or shelf with some holy motifs or can also customize one for your house.

Keeping it this simple and plain would add a touch of elegance to it. You can also add some beautiful, simple wallpaper with holy motifs like temple bells in the background. This will also enhance the effect and aura of the space.

Keeping it clean, the most important thing

Pooja Rooms
Spacious and Clutter-free Pooja rooms. Image source: Homebliss

No one wants their home to be cluttered, especially the pooja room. A pooja room is a sacred, holy space in your home and cluttering it would only destroy its strong and positive aura. So, avoid adding clutter to this little and important holy space in your house.

Keep it organised, clean and minimal. Do not deck up things which are unnecessary. You must also avoid unnecessary decorations to keep it elegant. For various things you need to perform pooja, add drawers so they are safe and organised hence adding to the tidiness of the space.

Make sure that the shelves, drawers and other spaces in the pooja room are used only for storing the pooja related items. Additionally, you must also avoid keeping too many idols or images in the pooja room. Rather, keep it simple.

Mastering to set up a dedicated Pooja Room

A dedicated pooja room
A dedicated pooja room for a spacious serene place. Image source: wikiecloud.us

A dedicated pooja room is something that everyone would desire in their home however, due to the availability of space, this is not achieved by all. In the homes where there is a lot of space available, you can set up a dedicated pooja room while if you’re living in a house which has restricted space, other options are available.

A dedicated pooja room is generally seen in the houses having joint families. While it adds a certain sacred space and an added serene and calm atmosphere to your home, a dedicated pooja room also gives you space to set up a complete serene space dedicated for meditation.

If you are setting up a dedicated pooja room, consider adding marbles and glasswork to give it a contemporary finish. Keeping it clean and spacious is one of the most important things to consider while you can add one or multiple pedestals as your choice but remember to keep it de-cluttered.