Generic FAQs for DPL

A seller needs original Sale Deed, Title Deed, relevant tax receipts and Encumbrance Certificate.

Only the buyer pays the stamp duty.  

Stamp duty is based on the market value on the agreement value of the property, whichever is greater.

No, it is illegal to put residential properties to commercial use. However service-based industries are allowed to control from the residential areas, on the condition that they’ll vacate the property if any grievance is received from alternative residential house owners.

Before buying a property from an organization, it’s necessary to verify with the Registrar of firms that the property isn’t encumbered or is not being employed as a security against a loan, otherwise, it’s not thought-about a freehold property.

Before buying a property from a corporation, it’s necessary to verify with the Registrar of corporations that the property isn’t encumbered or is not being employed as a security against a loan, otherwise, it’s not thought of freehold property. the world of associate lodging or building, not inclusive of the world of the walls is thought as carpet area. will be the world that’s truly used and during which a carpet can be arranged. When the area of the walls including the balcony is calculated along with the carpet area, it is known as the built-up area. The built-up area along with the area under common spaces include lobby, lifts, stairs, garden and swimming pool is called the super built-up area.

An agreement of sale, in addition to ownership of the property, would be thought-about as a conclusion of the sale. Usually, the complete quantity is paid at the time of delivering possession.

Getting a home loan is not an easy one. Before a bank or any other financial institution grants one a home loan, there are several checks made by them in order to check one’s eligibility. Home loan eligibility is the maximum amount of loan a person can avail of for buying a home. It depends on certain factors that are considered by banks before sanctioning or approving a loan.

If you own a home, you’ll be expected to pay a property tax to the urban local authority under that the property lies. If your property is in Delhi, for instance, you’ll have to be compelled to pay taxes to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (depending on that subdivision of the trifurcated MCD you belong to).

Yes. however, the procedure and forms might vary from state to state looking at the situation of the property. each state in India has developed its own set of forms below the registration rules. These forms are to be crammed up and filed at the time of the registration of Sale Deed/Transfer Deed.
Under the revenue enhancement Act and rules for acquisition dealing, it’s necessary for the customer and vendor to supply their PAN card variety and within the event of an acquisition, either the vendor and/or the customer would wish to refill type sixty of the revenue enhancement.
If the customer or the vendor could be a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) not assessed for taxes in India, the person wouldn’t get to file Form 60 of the revenue enhancement.

Yes. you’ll be able to twig done at the sub-registrar’s workplace of the involved district.

The sale of a residential property is claimed to own been formalized if the vendor has received the whole thought quantity, registration of the documents has been distributed and ownership of the property has been granted to the customer.

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