Chairman’s Message


Dedication and perseverance has been the essential driving force of what-ever success I have had in my career. I have always been inspired to perform better each moment of my life. Inheriting this belief and energy from me, Dreamcatchers Private Limited laid its foundation in the real estate sector. The important thing which has always kept me on the path of upwards growth is always taking on new challenges to test the best of one’s abilities and skill in handling pressure situations and overcoming all difficulties. This belief coupled with teamwork and an innovative approach to problem solving has helped our Group to establish an edge over the competitors.

Every day we derive motivation from various channels and verticals – and we initiated this journey a few years ago with a dream to be able to serve the community in helping the people owning their own home instead of staying on rent all their lives. We had a strong urge to be able to contribute in this mission and national movement wherein the Government has promised Affordable Housing for All.

We have come a long way but we still have a long way to cover. Our vision is to provide better opportunities to our society – to catch that dream of realty and turn it into reality.

Our years of dedicated service and experience with reputed builders has led us to grow more confident, inspired, motivated and also more committed which subsequently has become the reason to achieve more and more.

This would have been completely impossible without our teams of hardworking and sincere personnel of various departments in our company and its sister concerns. The business has grown and we shall strive to maintain the happy, healthy and disciplined work environment which is a stimulant for productivity and eventual success. Our teams are the ones we owe this success and realization of our vision to.

We seek to become an enormous corporate entity in real estate Selling, Liaisioning and Consultancy and creating a new and customized real estate structure. We seek to refurb the conventions of this industry and also aligning it with Government norms and policies.

The business partners, clients and customers will always be the priority and we shall leave no stone unturned to provide them satisfaction and happiness and they will not stand to regret in partnering with us for their needs and dreams.

I am very happy and satisfied with the journey we have covered and along the way, made so many dreams come true, which is our best reward.

Excellence does not have a defining mark, and I hope we all at Dreamcatchers Private Limited to reach way beyond that.

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