Energy is the resource which is so vital to the existence of every living being. Energy, being in any form is of great importance to the sustainability of life. While various uses and forms of energy have changed over time, it still remains the most vital resources.

Though a replenishable resource, energy wastage, however, may cause some drastic effects on the environment, health, and economy of an individual as well as of the whole system. Living in the modern world, mean paying something for everything. This goes for energy as well.

Energy costs at a basic level

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Cut your energy costs day- 10th January

Cut your energy costs day is observed on the 10th of January each year. This day is celebrated to give an insight into your energy usage and bills. This is one of the most important days which need to be observed and celebrated the right way by each citizen. Every drop contributes to making an ocean and so efforts of every single individual will count in cutting down the energy costs as a whole. Some of the high energy consuming sources include the heating and cooling appliances which are used heavily in summers and winters alike. It’s time that you look into your energy usage and derive plans to cut down the energy wastage in turn, cutting down your energy costs. Let’s see how each one of us can celebrate this cut your energy costs day the right way.

Check your appliances

The era we live in is of the energy efficient appliances, however, in most of the household, there are still many appliances which are old and inefficient in energy saving. The old refrigerator, washer-dryer, air conditioner or heater might be adding a heavy amount in your energy bills each month. It’s better to replace them and save each month on your energy bills. Energy efficient appliances work silently to drop your energy bills by a significant amount and so it’s never a bad idea to replace the old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones.

Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a vital device when it comes to energy savings. It is used to save energy by setting the time and date of switching on and off of various devices like air conditioner and heaters. It is often the case that such appliances remain turned on even when there is no one to use them. While you’re leaving the house or going to sleep, you may forget about switching off various appliances. A programmable thermostat will do it for you and will save you a heavy sum on energy bills.

Clauk the insulation leaks

You need to heat or cool your home because there is chilly or warm air entering your house beside the normal temperature of the weather it is. This happens due to the insulation leaks which allow air to enter into space and heat or cool it even further. This, in turn, triggers the use of temperature control appliances like ACs and heaters which adds to the energy costs. Look for the insulation leaks at various places like roofs, windows, doors, etc in your house. Fix them wherever needed and you’ll be saving around 20 to 40 percent on your total energy bills which is quite a considerable saving.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs

Among the most efficient energy-saving appliances are the LED bulbs. The incandescent bulbs use a heavy amount of energy and add a whopping sum to your energy costs. They are energy inefficient and the older they are, the more energy they consume. The best way to resolve this is to replace them with LED bulbs which are highly energy efficient and can save you a heavy sum on overall all energy costs. The LED bulbs can save up to 75 percent on energy usage and they last 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

So, start saving and stop wasting. Energy saved is money saved and who doesn’t love to save money! Cutting the energy costs is not only important to save, but it is also a step towards the sustainable living. Save the energy for the future generation and inspire them to do the same.