how o transfer a home loan

How to transfer the home loan: All you need to know!

When it comes to buying a house, a home loan is generally the first thing which will come to anyone’s mind. While taking a home loan for buying your dream house is nowhere a bad option and it helps to make your dreams into reality, sometimes, this may create trouble in the long run. It […]

Simple pooja room Ideas for Indian homes

Simple and best Pooja Rooms Ideas for Indian Homes

Pooja room is one of the most special, important and sacred places in almost all Indian homes. In a country like India, a home can never be complete without a designated pooja space or “mandir”. No matter what religion the people follow, a holy place is generally the most common as well essential feature in […]

Tips To Transform a Bachelor’s House into a Couple’s Home

Bachelor life is all famous for being messy and unorganised. So is their room. This is a vast topic which has been discussed time and again by various interior designers and the Millenials looking forward to marriage. Think about a bachelor’s room. What is the first thing that would come to your mind the moment […]

Best Affordable Apartment In Karnal | Affordable Housing in Karnal

Affordable Housing is the Housing unit that is reasonable or affordable by the section of the society that is below the median household income. In other words, it addresses the housing needs of lower or middle-income families. With all available amenities, the Affordable Apartment in Karnal comes under HUDA Affordable Housing Policy. Affordable homes are […]

Best Residential Properties in Karnal

Karnal is one of the many rapidly emerging locations in Haryana which is most preferred by the real estate experts. The availability of a lot of open areas and free space make sit an ideal location for the new projects. Residential properties in Karnal are constantly on the rise. Haryana has seen a significant and […]

Things to Consider Before you Buy Pre-Launch Property in Karnal

Availing your dream home or any property at a very less price is an idea that surely attracts many buyers. Pre-launch properties offer this to the buyers in many states. If you are planning to buy pre-launch property in Karnal or in any contemporary state, you must be careful about certain facts. There are pros […]

How to Book Real Estate Property in Karnal

Karnal is an ideal place to live and invest as this town has one of the best approaches to Delhi, compared to other cities located northwards to Delhi. The town also has good road connectivity with Chandigarh, being on the six-lane Chandigarh Expressway. Karnal is home to the largest wholesale rice market in north India, […]

7 Things to Know About HUDA Affordable Housing Policy in Karnal

HUDA Affordable Housing Policy 2013, intended to encourage the planning and completion of “Group Housing Projects” wherein apartments are “Pre-defined size” are made available at “pre-defined rates” within a “Targeted time-frame” as prescribed under the present policy to ensure increased supply of “Affordable Housing” in the Urban Housing market to the deserving beneficiaries. HUDA Affordable […]


Beautify your home with these frugal tips

Having a sweet and appealing home is the dream of everyone. We always love to experiment with the little things in our home, in an attempt to make our home look more pretty. Everyone has a special attachment to the place they live in and beautifying it is something that we all think of. We […]


Here’s your guide to RERA and its impact on Real Estate and Homebuyers

RERA has been one of the biggest reforms taken to re-structure the real estate market and address the problems that home buyers face while buying the house. RERA or the Real Estate (Regulation and development) Act came into effect from May 1, 2016. It is an initiative from the government of India to promote and […]


Compact homes can look surprisingly bigger and beautiful with these effective tips

Everyone desires to decorate and beautify their homes in the most special way. Space can be a limiting factor while adding more aesthetics to your home. Having a compact and small home can create trouble in beautifying it if you don’t use the right tricks and tips. Smart storage, minimalistic approach, multi-functional furniture, and appliances […]


Vastu Shastra tips for the temple at home

A temple is the most sacred place at home. Especially in an Indian society, a temple is considered to be the most auspicious place. Belonging to a highly religious society, we believe that a temple in the home, set up in a right manner in accordance with the Vastu Shastra laws, can bring in prosperity, […]


Vertical gardens Bring nature into the small space of your home

Vertical gardens have proved to be a blessing for plant lovers. With changing times and modernization of the world we live in, vertical gardens are rapidly gaining in popularity and are emerging as one of the most innovative and sensible trends. In metropolitan cities where we see a space crunch often, these new techniques of […]


Ways to earn a rental income from the property you buy?

Due to the acute shortage of the housings available at the affordable prices, the market for the rental property is increasing significantly. Most of the people who are planning to buy the property want to earn a rental income from it. However, there are certain things that are needed to be kept in mind while […]


Various aspects of buying and renting the home: which is better?

The number of rental properties in India, especially in the metropolitan cities like Delhi is increasing rapidly at a high pace. Owning a home of own is a dream of many people but achieving this dream may pose many barriers due to various reasons. As there is an increasing space crunch in such cities, and […]

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